Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading Images

Reducing the size of your images is great, but on image-heavy sites, it can still be only a drop in the bucket.'s lazy loading will create a significantly faster first view experience by loading images only when they are visible to the user.

No Dependencies, No Extra Work

No Dependencies, No Extra Work's lazy loading doesn’t rely on any external dependencies, hence no frameworks or plugins are necessary. Simply activate lazy loading in your optimizations dashboard and enjoy a faster loading experience.

No Risk of Jumping Pages

No Risk of Jumping Pages

Ever been to a web page that jumps around while images load? Not with our lazy loading will prevent your site's layout from jumping around by preloading image placeholders in the size of the original images. Your customers won't get distracted and can already start reading while the pictures are still loading.

  • 1Blurry, low resolution
  • 2Transparent placeholders
  • 3Colored placeholders

Design Your Lazy Loading Experience supports various design options for lazy loading placeholder images. You decide which option integrates best in your overall webpage design.

Blurry, low resolution placeholder images will give the user an idea of what to expect before the image is fully loaded. Choose transparent placeholders for a more plain look or a specific color out of your website's color palette.

Load Your Images Spot-On

Load Your Images Spot-On's lazy loading takes the user's scroll speed into account. When a user scrolls faster, further away images will be loaded, when a user scrolls too fast, no images will be loaded until the scroll speed is reduced or comes to an end. This becomes very handy if a user is seeking information on the very bottom of a page.