Load Time Optimization with wao.io

Speed is more important than ever. Your customers expect your website to load in less than 3 seconds.

We Automatically Accelerate Your Website

We Automatically Accelerate Your Website

wao.io is a service that will drastically improve your website's page load time. Working out-of-the-box without any code changes.

Research & Development as a Service

Research and Development as a ServiceR&D

Decades of technical experience and research, condensed for you into one service: wao.io combines all important load time optimization features that you need to fulfill your customer's need for speed.

Our service works without changing your code and will be improved continuously by our R&D team.

Load Time Optimization Features

Request Behavior Optimization

Enabling wao.io means adopting HTTP/2 for your website. Follow the technology leaders and speed up your website today. Our automatic HTTPS upgrade will support your objective.

Resource Size Reduction

Reducing the size of your website's resources will make a decisive contribution to a faster loading page. wao.io includes various compression measures including a high-class image optimization engine.

Smart Caching

wao.io's optimization methods will be complemented by a smart server-side infrastructure caching, ensuring lightning fast websites.