Resource Compression-30%-15%Original

Resource Compression enables the best resource compression for you: gain an extra 10-20% compression without the hassle of server reconfiguration.

Brotli Compression

Common web servers and browsers support file compression. However, configuring servers for resource compression requires technical expertise, especially enabling Brotli. automatically enables the best resource compression for you.

Web Font Compression

Web Font Compression

Custom web fonts create consistent branding across different mediums. However, they can also be one of the reasons why your web page is not loading fast. makes sure that your CSS file contains the right lines of code by dynamically rewriting the @font-face CSS rules. This will ensure the best possible compression for your users.



About 80% of your customers use a browser that supports WOFF2. While WOFF compresses the original TrueType font by up to 50%, WOFF2 will add another extra 20% of compression. Make sure that your customers get what they are capable of and enable web font compression.

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