Code Minification

Code Minification's code minification will minimize your JavaScript, CSS, HTML and SVG files with one push of a button by up to 60%. Reduce your network traffic and delight your customers with a faster website and a leaner cache footprint.

JavaScript, CSS and HTML MinificationJavaScript MinifyingCSS MinifyingHTML MinifyingSVG Minifying

JavaScript, CSS and HTML Minification

About a quarter of your website weight consists of JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Use's code minification and easily control the different options in your personal dashboard.

SVG MinificationSVGSVG

SVG Minification

Responsive web design requires scalable images without quality loss. But various editors add a lot of redundant and useless information to your SVG files.' SVG minification will safely remove or convert this information in order to ensure both: brilliant images and minimized file size.

Why minifying code?

Good coding practice requests well-named variables, spacing and comments in order to enhance readability for your developers. Fair enough, but browsers and web servers do not need these extra human-readable bits that create additional network traffic without providing any functional benefit.

This is why automatically removes comments and extra spaces from your JS, CSS and HTML files in order to minimize code and reduce file size.

The minified version provides the same functionality while reducing the bandwidth of network requests. The development masters still reside on your server and remain easily readable by humans.

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