Server-Side Infrastructure Caching$

Server-Side Infrastructure Caching

Apart from's web performance optimization features, we offer server-side infrastructure caching which will have another huge impact on your website's user experience. And withal: it will save you money!

Full Cache ControlClear CacheClear everythingInvalidate Origin Content

Full Cache Control

Flushing the cache is an important functionality for a living website. This is why we offer you full cache control: clear the cache whenever necessary either completely or just the resources that have changed on your server.

Faster Delivery Through Varnish Cache

Faster Delivery Through Varnish Cache

The first time a user requests an asset, will request it from your origin server and deliver it to the user. If the file is cacheable, will put it in the cache, ready for the next user. This will reduce the burden on your server and insure a faster content delivery.

Saved Bandwidth Equals Saved Money$$$

Saved Bandwidth Equals Saved Money

Depending on your bandwidth costs you can save a lot of money with We reduce the traffic to your origin by up to 98 %!

Caching and Optimization: A Guarantee For Speed

Caching & Optimization
A Guarantee For Speed will not only cache the original resource, it will optimize it individually. Once a resource passes, it will be optimized for the client that has requested it. The optimized version will be cached and delivered directly to the next client with the similar request.

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