All Feature List

A list of all load time optimization, website security and analytics dashboard features.

Image Optimization

The intelligent image optimization algorithm reduces file size of your images without suffering a loss in quality. Choose between three levels of image compression. also converts your images into the best matching output format that your customer's client is capable of rendering.

Lazy Loading's lazy loading will load images only when they are close to the viewport. Preloading image placeholders in the size of the original images will prevent your site's layout from jumping around. You can choose between different design options for the placeholders.

HTTP/2 Upgrade

Enabling provides an automatic HTTP/2 upgrade for your website.


The optimized content is cached at our high-end, performance-tuned Varnish cluster. offers you full cache control over your personal dashboard.

HTTPS/SSL Upgrade provides an automated HTTPS/SSL upgrade for your website. Our rewriting and redirecting services ensure a smooth transition from HTTP to HTTPS.

Web Application Firewall's web application firewall uses the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) and will be updated periodically by our security experts.

Browser Security implements different means for more browser security by adding the correct HTTP security headers.

Insights offers metrics about your real user traffic (bots excluded): unique users, sessions and bounce rate as well as the percentage of saved traffic to clients and loaded from your origin server.

Health shows all important website health data: load time, page weight and error rate.