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  • Checkcheckmark iconup-to-date front-end performance optimization
  • Checkcheckmark iconup to 80% improved loading time
  • Checkcheckmark iconmore turnover
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  • Checkcheckmark iconsecurity improvements for your users
  • Checkcheckmark iconno ongoing investment
  • Checkcheckmark iconsimple configuration
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  • Checkcheckmark iconprofessional support packages and consulting
  • Checkcheckmark iconongoing consultation on best practices for web performance
  • Checkcheckmark iconmore turnover

1 Second Less Loading Time Means…

…7% higher conversion rate

…10% less page exits

…16% higher customer satisfaction

Performance –
the Key Factor of Success for Your Online-Business


0.1 second increase in loading time means
1% decrease in turnover.


0.1 – 0.4 seconds increase in loading time leads to
a decrease in queries of up to 0.2, resp. 0.6%


Bing search engine notes a 1.2% decrease in advertising turnover with a 0.5 second longer loading time and even a 4.3% decrease with a 2 seconds longer leading time.


5 – 9% reduction of users loading a start page completely
if it decreases in speed by 0.4 seconds.

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In regards to conversion and revenue, wao.io is worth a mint!
Melanie Ner

Head of Marketing & Sales - heldbergs.com

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With wao.io we increased our conversion rate by 12%!
Martin Sailer-Arnold

Head of eCommerce - delife.eu

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I need a web shop that is fast and user friendly. Otherwise I lose customers before they even added our products to the shopping cart. That is a fact and the reason why I chose wao.io.
Alexander Scharnböck

CEO - nebulus.biz

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Amazing, our site got tremendously faster. I am excited and will recommend you!
Rubin Lind

CEO - skills4school.de