Load Time Optimization

Speed is more important than ever. Your customers expect your website to load in less than 3 seconds.

wao.io offers you a fully automated solution for accelerating your website.

Our Top Features

Image Optimization

Reducing the size of your website's images will make a decisive contribution to a faster loading page. wao.io includes a high-class image optimization engine.

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Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is the speed solution for image-heavy websites. By loading images only when they are visible to the user, lazy loading will create a significantly faster first view experience.

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HTTP/2 Upgrade

Enabling wao.io means adopting HTTP/2 for your website. Follow the technology leaders and speed up your website today. Our automatic HTTPS upgrade will support your objective.

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Smart Caching

wao.io's optimization methods will be complemented by a smart server-side infrastructure caching, ensuring lightning fast websites.

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