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wao.io will automatically and continuously improve your website's speed and security.

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Your Benefits Using wao.io

Without hiring experts or agencies, use the knowledge of the wao.io R&D team for your existing website – today and continuously. Our service is fully hosted in Germany and compliant to European Data Security.


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"By using wao.io I improved our conversion rate automatically by 12 %"
Martin Sailer-Arnold
Head of E-Commerce at DELIFE

Our Features

Load Time Optimization


wao.io optimizes page size, images and code structure of your website. Download and render times improve immediately. And all of that without any code changes.

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Web Application Security

Web Application Security

wao.io adds a layer of security to your existing web application to avoid vulnerabilities. Configure security directives for modern browsers and add an extra Web Application Firewall.

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Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Have a look at our powerful and easy-to-understand metrics and start analyzing and prioritizing. Change optimization settings in our intuitive dashboard without talking to different teams.

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